Inner work: is it worth it?

Do you do a lot of inner work to overcome self-doubt, heal old family patterns and wounds and  unhook from cultural conditioning? Are you committed to authenticity and growth, trying hard to shift negative beliefs and stories, strengthen your boundaries in relationships and embrace the lessons in the seemingly endless challenges that show up in your life?

Maybe you've been wondering if it's actually doing anything? Is it worth it? 

I know it's a hard slog at times, but the answer remains unequivocally, yes, it is so worth it. There is another reason why this shifting and clearing matters.

It's never just been for you.

I want you to know that every piece of awareness you gain from the inner work you do heals the past and clears the way for future generations of women to do their very important work in the future.

It's for the women who have come before you and the young girls who will follow, just as it's for your sons and the men to help them honour and respect the feminine energy within themselves and the women in their lives. Your legacy honours the past and paves the way for the next generation to fully show up.

This is no small thing.

Anytime you think that personal or spiritual growth is self-centred or a waste of time, think of a girl in your life who knows not yet what is ahead of her, but who you know full well will encounter plenty of resistance to keep her from knowing her true worth and power. 

Sure inner work can be frustratingly painful and slow. Sometimes you need a world of patience to stay the course, to hold yourself to the fire of your own truth. And yet this is the work that’s needed.

For this upcoming generation of girls, the future women of our world, have an unprecedented opportunity to learn of the spaces within them of knowing, insight and wisdom that can help them make self-honouring and life-enhancing choices. 

At the same time there are huge forces conspiring against them to ignore their instincts and follow the expert, measure themselves against impossible beauty and success standards, and focus on image, perfection and busy schedules over valuing the whole woman they are becoming.

So it stands to reason if we don't listen to ourselves or our feelings, or know about the wisdom within us, or we follow the crowd and seek outer validation or status to feel worthy,  or we silence our voices and hide who we are because our wounds and conditioning are ruling our lives, our true gifts don’t get expression. The world misses out.

But more than that, the girls watching us for their cues on how to be a woman are kept in the dark as to what's possible for them. They miss learning about the wisdom they hold within them that is a potent resource in their lives. That they need. Patterns ensue across generations. Wisdom stays locked in the dark. Hidden. Unknown.

So yes the work you do on yourself matters, far more than any of us fathom.

Now more than ever girls and young women need to know it's possible to transcend the belief so many women still carry that no matter who they are or what they do, they're not enough.

This does not have to be the way of the future woman.

For the future woman to own and use what she has, she needs to know her worth sooner than her 30s, 40s or 50s. She will need a tribe of women who will see, value and hold a non-judgmental safe space for her potential to unfold. That will help her trust implicitly in her own wisdom so she can apply it in discerning, creative and fundamentally world altering ways.

Because she has gifts within her that the world will desperately need, but she will have to work hard to actively seek them out and come to trust them, which is another way of saying she must learn to trust and respect herself. She needs competence in navigating her inner states, something most people don't yet have. And when she can listen within to her knowing and apply it in wise actions outside, she has the best chance of honouring all of who she is, forging strong connections and making her contribution to this world.

Then hopefully, she will understand she has a choice not to buy into the cultural messages that demand she must be beautiful, thin, pleasing, celebrity worshipping, same as, cookie cutter, fencing sitting or silent to be worthwhile.

No no no no no. That does not have to be the upcoming woman’s path.

Our generation and those before us have done it tough because we were well into adulthood before we realised we didn't have access to our own knowing or power, and we've had to reclaim it the long way through years of deep inner processing, releasing, accepting and surrendering. We're still struggling at it, because it doesn't come naturally.

But that’s ok, because we are doing the work now, we keep showing up to it, and it's never too late. So please know that every bit of inner work you do to unhook from the cultural conditioning, the family patterns, the toxic beliefs that negated your worth matters. Everything. Every moment of greater awareness, courage, patience, compassion and action not only benefits your healing and growth, but it also paves the way for the next generation to have a more empowered relationship with themselves, so they can do what they have come here to do.