Inside info on Teen Girls: Wisdom Within Course

I've had a few questions about my course - will my daughter like it? What's it about? What is "wisdom" in the context of this course? Who am I and why am I running this course? Great questions!

If you've been thinking about enrolling your daughter in this course but would like a bit more info to help you make your decision, hopefully this post will help you!

Firstly, who am I?

I'm an Intuitive Coach, Youth Mentor and Women's Circle & Meditation Facilitator, and my passion is empowering women and teen girls to listen to and trust their intuition, value the unique person they are and above all be true to themselves.

I created my course: Teen Girls: Wisdom Within because I was a highly sensitive, intuitive and empathetic child with a huge heart and keen interest in others, but I didn't understand these qualities were my BIGGEST strengths until a couple of decades down the track. For a long time I believed they were my biggest weakness.

I chose a path out of school that was great for a while (I was a conveyancer in a big law firm), but ultimately I didn't have a clue who I was outside of that role or what I actually wanted for my life. I never asked myself those questions, and I never imagined that one day I would reach a dead end in my career, take a leap into something new (counselling), which prompted me to rediscover my empathy and intuition and big passion for helping people and end up using them in my career!

So why am I running this course?

After a decade working in the helping professions, I noticed that very few people teach girls about their intuitive nature, or really helps them understand how their sensitivities and what's unique about them are in fact strengths and some of their biggest gifts when understood properly and managed well. It's such a fundamental part of women's wisdom!

So having trained as a youth mentor, I decided to create a personal development style course to teach girls about the wisdom they have within them, because I strongly believe when girls know themselves well and value what's unique about them, they feel far more comfortable just being themselves, trust their own good judgment in situations, and ultimately make choices that are true for them, which is so important.

Why should your daughter come along to this course?

It's going to be great fun! If she is curious about her intuition, what it is and how to tell the difference between her inner voice and thoughts/fears... and if she'd like to find out more about who she is, about her values and unique strengths and explore her dreams and potential ... and if she's interested in learning some modern tools and information that are great for navigating life on the outside, then she will love this course.

What can your daughter expect?

Most of the time we'll be sitting on cushions in a circle, pretty relaxed (it is on Saturday afternoons after all!), there will be group discussions, we'll explore topics like intuition, emotions, self-care, self-talk, self-belief, potential and authenticity ... we'll enjoy some short meditations and guided visualisations, there will be space to reflect and journal and we'll do lots of fun activities so that everyone gets the most out of the experience.

Overall, my intention is for the girls to leave the course understanding themselves better, trusting their intuition, feeling more confident within themselves, valuing their unique strengths and way of seeing things, and with great tools and information they can apply in their lives straight away, and some beautiful new friends they've made along the way.

There will be up to 8 girls from different schools, and I totally understand initially everyone will feel a little nervous and unsure about what to expect, but I promise that will pass quickly and before we know it everyone will feel comfortable and enjoy the experience.

A few people have asked me if this course is therapy and I wanted to clarify that it is not group therapy or in any way related to "therapy" or "treatment". It's a fun, inspiring personal development course for girls who are interested in learning a bit more about themselves to help them navigate their lives, and as with all self-development, it's up to them what they take away and how they choose to apply it in their lives.

Any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask! To find out more about the course and to go to the booking page, please click here.

The course starts on Saturday, 27 October, 3-4.30 pm. Please share with anyone who has teen girls who might be interested!

Thanks so much!