Dissolve stress and reconnect to yourself at a nourishing Group Meditation Session.

Sessions held in Killarney Heights, Sydney. 

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Includes mindfulness practices and beautiful guided meditation to bring you back home to yourself.

In these times, we need smart inner practices that help us release excess mental and emotional tension and reconnect to ourselves.

Meditations are designed for maximum bliss, and to: 

- release excess tension you unwittingly absorb from other people, at work, from the news and online

- enhance wellbeing and sense of peace

- reduce anxiety, information overload and fluctuating emotions

- drop beneath the small stories that keep you fearful, anxious and stressed

- calm your nervous system

- reconnect to the wisdom and the subtle intelligence within

- strengthen your intuition

- ground and balance your energy so you feel strong, clear and centred within yourself

For just one hour of your time, give yourself the gift of pure self-care and walk out feeling calm, clear and amazing.

Cost $20, payable by cash at door or by direct deposit prior to the session. Please email me for details.

These sessions are currently on hold. If you would like to register your interest for future sessions, please do so here

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Email info@laurellewishart.com