Honour the path of the mother-to-be by hosting a gorgeous ceremony in her honour with her closest friends to give her the encouragement, love and support she needs for the journey into labour, birth and new motherhood that’s ahead of her.

A beautiful alternative to baby shower.

Come and connect with like minded women in a sacred circle setting, to reflect on the month that’s been, release what’s no longer serving you and gain deeper insight into yourself and your life.

Women have been gathering in circle, sharing stories and wisdom since the beginning of time. You may have noticed a resurgence in sacred women’s circles recently as more and more women crave deep connection and sisterhood. Circles are a wonderfully nourishing way to reconnect to your deeper self, to feel inspired and supported, to tap into your intuition and connect with other like-minded women.

In circle, we follow some general guidelines that help us hold a safe space for each other. When we feel supported, acknowledged and seen by those around us, when we take the time to mark the important rites of passage in our lives, we can feel far readier to take the journey into the unknown of what’s next for us. We prepare our souls for what’s ahead and mentally and emotionally step into the space we need to move forward.

What it involves: a pre-event Zoom or phone consultation to discuss your overall vision and specific requirements for the event, where I share ideas and options, help you clarify your intention for the ceremony, explore the kind of vibe you would like to create, the guestlist, and get a feel for the kinds of activities you would enjoy.

I will then plan a unique ceremony just for you, incorporating all of the essential details you have requested, and special rituals (intentional activities), meditations, sharing circles and releases that will take the group on a meaningful journey together, one that marks your occasion, supporting you in the way you seek and create a beautiful empowering experience that will support you in moving forward.

I will then check in with you again before the ceremony to confirm the finer details.

I can also support you:

* in preparing / wording the invite you will send out for the event,

* providing guidance on who to invite, and any extras you would like to bring to the event

* and check in with you to make sure you are ready for the special day.


What’s included:

* pre-event consultation

* follow up session to fine tune details

* 3 hour ceremony (within 50 kms of 2087)

* follow up post ceremony

What’s not included:

* catering

* these ceremonies are spiritual and sacred, but they are not religious. They do not take the place of a religious ceremony and do not create any legal binding agreement between those who are there.

Cost $395, which includes Skype consultation, planning, preparation, collecting materials for the event, and running the event, pack up and follow up post event.

Some of the events I would love to co-create and run for you:

* mama blessings

* special birthdays

* menarche

* menopause

* anniversary

* entering motherhood

* changing careers

* post illness

* honouring special friendships

* marking an ending of a relationship, a stage of life, or even life itself.

* new beginnings

* even end of life events. A ceremony to bless a life of a loved one, to share with them the impact they have had on you, with the person in the room being able to receive and share in the love and experience! Imagine the power and beauty in that!

In my experience facilitating women’s circles for 3 years and having now run a beautiful Mama Blessing, I recognise the value in coming together with a shared intention and letting people know in our lives how we really feel about them. What we love, cherish and respect about them. It’s not something we typically do everyday. Life is short, and the benefit and healing that comes from having these sacred ceremonies ripples outwards well after the day itself.

Something that I am known for is helping people feel comfortable by creating an emotionally safe space for women to fully show up and engage, even when they don’t know what to expect or haven’t been to women’s circle before. It’s natural for people to be a bit nervous to begin with, especially if they are coming for you but don’t know anyone else in the room, but I will put them at ease in no time at all. I design activities at the start that specifically help people relax and get into the zone of the occasion, and then to help them remember the shared intention we have - why they are there in the first place, which is to celebrate, honour and acknowledge you!

I think we are so used to celebrating through food and alcohol, that this is an entirely new way of marking the special occasions in our lives. You can always do both! But there’s something to be said about gathering your closest friends and loved ones around you, sitting in circle together, and taking the time to mark and occasion, sharing stories, reflecting, releasing fears and sharing the love. Whilst we can love and appreciate our friends, we don’t always let them know, and these occasions are perfect for letting our loved ones know how we truly feel about them - and it doesn’t feel awkward or out of place becuase that is what these sacred spaces give us permission to do!

We don’t always want to eat and drink to celebrate - there is great power in slowing down, entering sacred space, creating a beautiful space with intention to acknowledge a passing time.


I also create and facilitate specialised women’s circles and Mama Blessing Ceremonies on request. If you are interested in hiring me to host a special celebration, whether it’s a Mama Blessing to support and honour the mother leading up to her pregnancy

To find out more or to book your place at an upcoming circle, please email sydneysoulcircle@gmail.com or click the button below.

If you would like to find out more about working with me privately, I also offer coaching and Guidance Sessions.



KILLARNEY SOUL CIRCLE: Friday, 26 July, 7.30-10 pm



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Kind words

My favourite part of Soul Circle is the feeling of welcome, the beauty, the scents, the candles, all of which make for a really special space. I’ve learnt I really need this sacred time, and I leave feeling calm, replete and seen. - Jan

What a magical day, I’ll be treasuring the love I received forever and especially over the 2-3 months. Thank you so very much Laurelle for all of your time, your love, top organisation skills and incredible capacity to lovingly hold sacred space for very different women to gather and feel so safe, so empowered and to take a lot away for themselves too. Wow I will be reflecting on the day and re-reading the beautiful messages, wishes and loving poems I received to support me for a very long time. I’m so lucky to have you hold space for me at this time.

— Charlotte Pointeaux (Mama Blessing Ceremony, July 2019)