Are you interested in coming along to a gorgeous sacred women’s circle? 

I run a monthly soul circle for women in Killarney Heights, Sydney.

Come and connect with like minded women in a sacred circle setting, to reflect on the month that’s been, release what’s no longer serving you and gain deeper insight into yourself and your life.

Women have been gathering in circle, sharing stories and wisdom since the beginning of time. You may have noticed a resurgence in sacred women’s circles recently as more and more women crave deep connection and sisterhood. Circles are a wonderfully nourishing way to reconnect to your deeper self, to feel inspired and supported, to tap into your intuition and connect with other like-minded women.


In circle, we follow some general guidelines that help us hold a safe space for each other. We practice deep listening and speaking from the heart, seeing the highest good in each other and listening to our own inner wisdom. And we consciously hold back from judging, interrupting, rescuing or attempting to “fix” another woman through giving her advice.

When each woman takes responsibility for her own process and lets go of taking responsibility for everyone else’s, many things can happen - including deep sharing, big shifts in perspective, laughter, healing, genuine connection, intuitive insights and so much more.

Everyone feels understood, heard and seen, because there’s enough room for everyone to show up exactly and uniquely as they are, which is quite rare to experience.

Coming to a women’s circle has many benefits that ripple well beyond the actual circle. It’s a chance to:

  • honour your changing inner seasons, energies and rhythms

  • consciously check in with where you are at each month and what you need

  • talk freely and authentically from your heart

  • hear other women’s experiences and stories, which so often normalise what you are experiencing

  • redefine your values and priorities

  • realign and centre your energy and connect to your deeper essence

  • explore your potential, deepest yearnings and untapped gifts

  • integrate shifts in personal and spiritual growth and explore how to apply them to your life

  • flex your courage, vulnerability and self-compassion through participating in our inspiring, heart-warming and authentic sharing circles

  • develop and strengthen your own wise knowing and trust in your intuition

  • tap into higher guidance and support

  • connect to your divine nature

  • cultivate whole body listening, curiosity and wonder

  • strengthen your sense of self through valuing and accepting what’s unique about you

  • explore meaningful ways to contribute to humanity at this time

  • observe your relationship to the natural cycles and seasons

  • strengthen trust in yourself

  • draw on the power of community and circle to put things into perspective


We explore different themes each month through journalling, an authentic sharing circle, guided meditations, release practices and so much more.

Ultimately, when you’re seen, heard and supported in a community of wise women, anything's possible. It fills you back up and reminds you of your innate strengths and wisdom, and often brings up fresh insights you can apply immediately to your life.


Sunday, 20 October
Sunday, 17 November
Sunday, 15 December

Do you feel drawn to come along and be part of a women’s circle? Please get in touch and come and experience it for yourself.

I also create and facilitate specialised women’s circles and Mama Blessing Ceremonies on request.


If you are interested in hiring me to host a special celebration for yourself or a friend, whether it’s a Mama Blessing to support and honour the mother leading up to her pregnancy or to mark an important time of your life, such as a decade birthday, entering the Crone years, or even a pre-wedding circle with your closest women tribe, please get in touch.

To find out more or to book your place at an upcoming circle, please email or click the button below.

If you would like to find out more about working with me privately, I also offer Intuitive Coaching and Tune-In Sessions.



KILLARNEY SOUL CIRCLE: Sunday, 20 October, 7.00-9.30 pm


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Kind words

My favourite part of Soul Circle is the feeling of welcome, the beauty, the scents, the candles, all of which make for a really special space. I’ve learnt I really need this sacred time, and I leave feeling calm, replete and seen. - Jan

What a magical day, I’ll be treasuring the love I received forever and especially over the 2-3 months. Thank you so very much Laurelle for all of your time, your love, top organisation skills and incredible capacity to lovingly hold sacred space for very different women to gather and feel so safe, so empowered and to take a lot away for themselves too. Wow I will be reflecting on the day and re-reading the beautiful messages, wishes and loving poems I received to support me for a very long time. I’m so lucky to have you hold space for me at this time.

— Charlotte Pointeaux (Mama Blessing Ceremony, July 2019)