Teen Girls: Wisdom Within Course

2019 Teen Girls: Wisdom Within starts Saturday, 16th March!

Teen Girls: Wisdom Within is an empowering 4 week personal development course designed to introduce teen girls to their inner life.

This course encourages girls to listen to their inner voice and trust their gut instinct, and to develop the practice of checking in with how they feel about people, situations and choices in their lives. It also encourages girls to find healthy and fun outlets to help process and release the huge level of information they absorb daily, coupled with their busy lives, as they navigate friendships, family, school, relationships, social media, stress, challenges, and all that goes on in their world.

Within the course there are lots of activities, including short meditations and guided visualisations, group discussions, personal reflection and Circle Time - where the girls will practice respectful listening to each other, speaking from the heart and withholding judgment. This kind of practice strengthens communication dramatically and is awesome to learn in the teen years. 

The aim of this course is to guide the girls back to their own sense of knowing (i.e. their inner wisdom) and encourage them to explore who THEY are, what they truly think and feel and become more comfortable expressing it.

Also, to teach girls how to stay true to themselves by exploring these topics in a safe, confidential group environment and giving them simple, fun tools and processes for understanding and navigating their inner life more effectively.

My intention for this course is helping the girls understand how their bodies give them subtle cues and information as to their needs, feelings, wellbeing, situations and other people, and show them how to listen.

There are 4 modules in the Course:

Module 1: Your Inner Compass: Learning to Trust Yourself
Module 2: Your Feelings: Navigating Matters of the Heart
Module 3:  Your Mindset: Practising Kind Self-Talk
Module 4: Your Voice: Courage to Express Your Truth and Feelings to Others

By the end of the course, the girls will learn:

  • how to trust their gut instinct about others, situations, and in making choices.

  • how and why it’s important to check in with themselves and have outlets for stress

  • how to listen to their body’s subtle ways of communicating with them

  • how to navigate and manage big feelings and matters of the heart (friendships, relationships, big life choices),

  • the benefits of respectful self-talk, versus letting the inner critic run wild!).

  • to explore being "enough" in a world that pressures us to want more.

This course is held in a relaxed setting, we sit around or stretch out on cushions. There’ll be lots of fun activities and time to explore the different topics as a group, as well as to reflect individually with some journalling, short guided meditations and lots more.

At the end of the course, each girl will take away a host of great tools, tips and strategies, which they can draw upon and add to throughout their teen years and the rest of their lives.

*Please note this course isn't group therapy, or a replacement for psychological advice or treatment. It is an inspiring and grounded group coaching / mentoring style self-development program to empower teen girls to discover more about themselves and their inner life. The aim is to provide a foundation from which to build on as they continue to evolve from adolescence into womanhood.

Finer details 

Course duration: 4 sessions
Venue: Forestville Community Arts Centre
Day and time: Saturdays, 3.30 pm - 5 pm
Dates: Saturdays, 16 March, 23 March, 30 March, 6 April
Price: $250

There are 8 available places for girls in Years 8-10.

Bookings and Enquiries 

To book your daughter into Teen Wisdom Within, please click here.

If you would like to find out a little bit more about me and what I do, please click here.

Finally, if you have any questions about the course or how I work, please feel free to call me on 0416 172 709, or email info@laurellewishart.com and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. If you would like to find out more about the previous Round of Teen Girls: Wisdom Within, please see here.

If you don't have a teenage daughter, but know someone who does, I would be so grateful if you could pass this onto them. 

Here's to supporting the next generation of strong, wise and awesome women!




I felt nervous before the course started, but I’m so grateful I did it. I learnt that it’s ok not to feel ok and that you’re not the only one going through hard times. What I enjoyed the most was learning to accept yourself, the release exercises, meditations and trusting your intuition. (Ruby, age 16)

I found the course really insightful. I enjoyed the strategies to decision making, the friend talk, the release exercises and the deep chats! I would do it again (K, age 15)


Before the course began, I was unsure what to expect (thinking it was counselling), but there wasn't one thing I didn't enjoy as it was all relevant and useful. I learnt to tap into my heart for answers, and not just my head, and it was a great way to talk about handling feelings with a professional. (Paris, age 15)


What the girls liked most most about the course:

  • The deep chats!

  • Friend talk

  • The strategies to decision making

  • Being able to talk about my feelings

  • Accepting yourself

  • The release exercises and meditation

  • Trusting your intuition


What some of the girls who have previously done the course would say to someone thinking about coming but not sure what to expect:

  • “It’s a great way to talk about handling your feelings with a professional”

  • “It will help you and your future self, choices and actions”

  • “Give it a go”