Teen Girls: Wisdom Within Course

Teen Girls: Wisdom Within is an empowering 4 week personal development course designed to empower teen girls* to discover more about themselves and their inner life. Teen girls are already so switched on, but they may not yet feel confident navigating the whirlwind of private feelings and thoughts or trust their own knowing and gut instincts about people and situations.

The aim of this course is to help the girls discover their own sense of knowing (i.e. their inner wisdom) and encourage them to get curious about what they truly think and feel and become more comfortable expressing it.

There are 4 modules in the Course:

Module 1: Your Inner Compass: Learning to Trust Yourself
Module 2: Your Feelings: Navigating Matters of the Heart
Module 3:  Your Mindset: Practising Kind Self-Talk and Reflection
Module 4: Your Values, Dreams and Being Enough

By the end of the course, the girls will learn:

  • how to listen to and trust their gut instinct about other people, choices and situations

  • how and when to check in with themselves for how they feel and what they need

  • how to listen to their body’s subtle ways of communicating

  • the difference between matters of the heart versus the head

  • how to navigate emotional discomfort and shift their inner state

  • wise self-talk strategies, managing the inner critic and runaway thoughts

  • the art of reflection, self-care, meditation and journalling

  • creative ways to reduce stress, worry, fear, overwhelm and information overload

  • how to connect to and value themselves and others

  • to identify their main values and explore their dreams for the future


This course is informative and fun, with lots of inspiring activities, thought provoking worksheets, insightful group chats and relaxing meditations to support the girls in applying the learning to their lives.

Most importantly, it’s an opportunity for real connection in a non-judgmental space where they can explore their thoughts, feelings and choices, and discover more about who they are and meet some new people too.

By the end of the course, each girl will take away a folder of helpful tools, tips and strategies and greater self-awareness and understanding, which they can draw upon and add to throughout their teen years and the rest of their lives.

*Please note this course isn't group therapy or counselling (even though I am a trained counsellor), nor is it a replacement for psychological advice or treatment. I won’t be “counselling” anyone in this course! It’s an inspiring group mentoring self-development program to empower teen girls to discover more about themselves and their inner life.


Course duration: 4 weeks x 90 minute sessions
Venue: Forestville Community Arts Centre
Day and time: to be confirmed, but likely Saturday afternoon, 3.30 pm - 5 pm
Dates: tbc

For the next course there will be 8 available places for girls in Years 8-10, but please speak to me if your daughter is a little younger or older to determine suitability.


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Finally, if you have any questions about the course or how I work, please feel free to call me on 0416 172 709, or email info@laurellewishart.com and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

If you don't have a teenage daughter, but know someone who does, I would be so grateful if you could pass this onto them. 

Here's to supporting the next generation of emotionally intelligent, wise and connected women!

  • Please note this course is a safe, inclusive space for all girls, including non-binary and trans-identified girls.