Some kind words from a few of the girls who completed Teen Girls: Wisdom Within in 2018!


Before the course began, I was unsure what to expect (thinking it was counselling), but there wasn't one thing I didn't enjoy as it was all relevant and useful. I learnt to tap into my heart for answers, and not just my head, and it was a great way to talk about handling feelings with a professional. (Paris, 15)



I felt nervous before the course started, but I’m so grateful I did it. I learnt that it’s ok not to feel ok and that you’re not the only one going through hard times. What I enjoyed the most was learning to accept yourself, the release exercises, meditations and trusting your intuition. (Ruby, 16)


I found the course really insightful. I enjoyed the strategies to decision making, the friend talk, the release exercises and the deep chats! I would do it again (K, 15)


Thinking about doing the course?

Here’s what some of our previous participants said about it:

… It’s a great way to talk about handling feelings with a professional.

… It will help you and your future self, choices and actions.

… Give it a go!


What the girls liked the most about the course:

The deep chats!

Kind self-talk

Helpful strategies for making decisions

Being able to talk about your feelings

Accepting yourself

The release exercises

The meditations

Learning to trust your intuition