Have you been spun up in your mind, stuck in self-doubt
or disconnected from yourself and your path?

Break the cycle of analysis paralysis, self-doubt, guilt or believing you’re not enough and come back to full trust in yourself and the way forward with a collaborative, dynamic Tune-In Session.

In these empowering 1:1 sessions, I provide a safe and confidential space for you to tune out the noise of the world and tune back into your truth. Together we will explore where you are at and what’s coming up in you that’s ready to be heard, felt, seen and resolved.

Because deep down you know what you need and have the answers to your questions. Sometimes though it can be so helpful to have the support of someone who deeply understands the nature of transformation and inner work to point you back to your own knowing.

My style of working is intuitive, focused and highly practical, drawing from over 12 years of experience in counselling, focusing, life coaching, mentoring, Reiki, facilitating sacred women’s circles and meditation sessions. I provide mental, emotional, intuitive and energetic support to help you come back into deep alignment and connection with yourself.

Ultimately, I wish to empower you to find, trust and use the wisdom within you, and to trust, believe and back yourself enough to forge your own path, your way. Because this is your time and the world really needs you to share your gifts and shine your light.

A Tune-In Session is great for you if:

  • you would like support addressing a specific obstacle or block that feels too big, scary or confusing to address alone;

  • you’re torn between your head and your heart and want support being able to trust your higher guidance;

  • you’ve been feeling mentally and/or emotionally overwhelmed and would like a focused confidential safe space to make sense of it and come back to yourself

  • you’re at a crossroads facing a big decision and would like support exploring your options and seeing what’s possible;

  • you are a highly sensitive empath who gives alot but gets depleted and want to manage your energy so you can continue to make a difference and stay connected to yourself;

  • you’ve done a lot of inner work and have shifted so much, yet are not seeing changes in your external world;

  • you’re on the cusp of doing what you love but self-doubt is keeping you stuck;

  • you are being triggered by a situation or relationship and wish to unhook from the patterns and shift the chaotic energy;

  • you feel called to do something important with your life but you are in hiding, afraid of truly showing up and what that might mean for your life and relationships;

  • you are ready to break a cycle of negative thinking and procrastination and tap into your gifts and start using them in the world


A Tune-In Session: $145 (includes 1 x 90 minute session). Great for a quick check in and tune-in with yourself to come back to a space of clarity and calmness.

Tune-In Series of 3 x 90 minute sessions: $390 (includes 3 x fortnightly sessions plus email support in between weeks and 2 weeks after Session 3. A payment plan is available.) This is the best option if you’re wanting to address a challenge or issue, or are wanting some structured support over a period of time to make some changes.

All sessions are held online via Zoom, or by phone if preferred.

The next step?

Schedule your Tune-In Session or a Tune-In Series now by clicking the button below and choosing the appropriate option, or email info@laurellewishart.com. If you would like a session outside of my available times, please contact me here.

Alternatively, you may like to check out my Soul Circles or Teen Girls personal development course.