Are you ready to make some impactful changes in your life?

I offer an inspiring and transformative deep dive 3 month Wisdom Within Coaching Series.

Coaching is a powerful form of self and soul growth, where you prioritise 90 minutes once a fortnight over 3 months to focus solely on you, your growth, achieving your goals and showing up fully as you.

During the process, you will embrace your uniqueness, accept more of who you are, clarify your values and dramatically strengthen your intuition whilst taking inspired, consistent action towards your higher vision.

Win win win.

Together we explore what you most want to achieve in the series, set some deeply inspiring heart-centred goals or intentions and identify a clear path ahead with my full support and accountability every step of the way.

A coaching series is an excellent option for you if you are wanting a professional in your corner who has a gift for seeing your highest potential and guiding you to fully step into it!

Coaching is like having a personal trainer for your head, heart and life. 

What a Coaching Series involves:

* You fill out a pre-coaching questionnaire, to fine-tune what you most want out of coaching. 

* We have a 20 minute Initial Pre-Coaching Consult on Zoom to go through your questionnaire, which will also give you a sense of how I work and to see if we’re a good “coaching fit” together.

* 1 x 90 minute introductory session.

* 5 x 75 minute fortnightly sessions.

* I provide focused strategies and experiential healing processes, where applicable.

* We set small achievable tasks for you to complete in between sessions.

* You receive full email support from me throughout our 3 months together.

Sessions are held fortnightly via Zoom or phone, preferably at the same time each fortnight.

Cost: $750 (payment plans available).

Book your 20 minute complementary consult* now to explore your hopes and expectations of coaching, and to get a sense of what working together in a full coaching series will be like.

(*Wisdom Within Coaching 3 month Series enquiries only)

Is coaching right for you?

  • You recognise you’re ready to do something differently and wish to create a new outcome for yourself. 

  • You've tried everything possible to move forward, from journalling, brainstorming, counselling, therapy, healing, tapping, kinesiology, you name it … but are still getting stuck in the same patterns and obstacles, the same fears and insecurities, the same old stories. 

  • You are yearning for a new way, and are willing to actively engage in coaching with an open mind as to the outcome.

  • You’re tired of reacting/responding to people and situations in the same way, and are ready to build stronger, more connected relationships.  

  • You would love the support of someone who’s impartial, compassionate, intuitive, a skilled and experienced listener and space holder who will ask you powerful questions to help you hear yourself think, allow yourself to feel into what’s true, and be willing to let go of what’s no longer serving you.

  • You’re ready to see your life through a lens of fresh possibilities and take new action from that place.

  • You know there’s SO much more to you than you are currently expressing via your choices and you’d love the chance to explore that further with someone skilled at seeing your highest potential and discovering new options.

  • You’d like the benefit of having some accountability to ensure you don’t slip back into your old patterns of resistance and instead achieve your goals. 

The next step?

Schedule your session now by clicking the button below or email Alternatively, you may like to check out my Soul Circle or Tune-In Sessions.

Kind words:

I truly feel you have given me the tools to tune into my own intuition, Laurelle. You are approachable, 100% honest and upfront and you kept me accountable to what I needed to hear.


The biggest change I’ve noticed from working with Laurelle is the confidence to be myself and speak my truth in a calm and kind way, no matter what the subject or circumstance.

— Fleur, Sydney.

I’ve noticed huge changes in myself - I’m now doing things and entertaining possibilities I never would have had the courage to before. I have also noticed in myself a quiet determination and strengthened resolve to let go of fear and be the best version of myself that I can be.

— Irene, Sydney

More benefits of coaching

  • increased clarity and sense of vitality

  • facilitates healthy mental, emotional and spiritual growth

  • strengthens self-awareness, intuition and deepens your connection to yourself and others

  • builds emotional intelligence and clearer relationship boundaries

  • overcome obstacles, fear and self-sabotage

  • learn strategies for managing empathy overload, sensitivity or emotional overwhelm

  • uncover your untapped gifts and potential