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Hi, I'm Laurelle Wishart, an Intuitive Coach and Guide, Women's Circle Facilitator and Teen Course Facilitator. I love empowering women and girls to find, trust and use the incredible wisdom within them to help navigate life and these changing times with greater ease and connection.

Inner growth and times of change and transition can be thrilling and terrifying, mind-blowing and lonely at times, especially when it's happening in the midst of modern life.

When you start unshackling from the beliefs, stories and identities tightly woven into your old identity, there can be periods of groundlessness and identity confusion as your foundation shifts and expands to hold the new "you".  

This precious in-between state of transition, whilst unsettling and uncertain, holds enormous potential for growth and for dormant strengths and gifts to be revealed. 

Perhaps you've evolving beyond who you've been and what you've always done, but you keep getting caught in old patterns of thinking, behaving and relating.

Or maybe things appear fine from the outside, but inside you're in turmoil and those around you don't understand or know how to support you.

Or perhaps you feel torn between two loyalties: your head and your heart, the old way and the new way, others' expectations and your truth, and the effort to make sense of which to follow is exhausting. 

My work supports women and teens to navigate the mental, emotional and spiritual challenges of letting go of who you used to be so you can reclaim the untapped strengths, interests and passions emerging within you.

I also support you to show up authentically in your current roles and relationships, and help uncover what's keeping you stuck or unhappy, including new options and possibilities for moving forward. 

After that, it's game on, because deep down something in you already knows what's best for you. Sometimes we just need a little help to see clearly, and to get back on track.

I used to be a traditional counsellor with a hint of intuition. Now I'm a modern intuitive coach, guide and facilitator, informed and grounded by my counselling background, but with unshakeable trust in and respect for the innate intelligence of your body and soul to reveal to us the most nourishing aligned way forward. 

The next step...

To find out about my story, keep scrolling, or if you would like to find out more about Coaching with me and orin 1:1 Tune-In Sessions, Teen Girls: Wisdom Within course or Women’s Soul Circles, please get in touch today.

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Laurelle xo


"And the time came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom" - Anais Nin



Becoming a mother and then a counsellor 12 years ago set off an unexpected spiritual awakening and a strong, persistent calling to find the soul and meaning in my work. 

Brought up to value logic and common sense, with a background in the legal profession and traditional counselling, I observed these experiences from a professional as well as personal lens. I could sense the power and strength of what was emerging inside me but was terrified this "calling" would turn my life upside down. So like many of us do, I instinctively hid this side of me, studying spirituality, meditation and doing the deep inner work of learning to sit with my emotions, and building somatic body awareness in private whilst publicly being a mother, wife and counsellor, as if nothing had changed. 

Who was I kidding? Everything had changed. I barely recognised myself, and didn't yet know how to bring this more expanded version of myself into my existing relationships, motherhood and work, fearing rejection, loss and ridicule if I did. 

Laurelle Wishart Intuitive Counsellor.jpg

Maybe you can relate to my story. Sometimes we need to protect what's emerging in us before we can figure out how or where it fits within our lives. Which is not easy when we don't understand what's going on, let alone be able to articulate it to those around us!

Ultimately, I learnt to integrate the changes within myself and into my life and it's led to a passion to help others navigate inner growth and transformation and finely tuned my ability to hold a safe emotional space for other women to explore their depths and do their own important soul work.

That's why my private sessions, courses and women’s soul circles address the mental, emotional, intuitive and spiritual aspects of your experience in the safety of a professional setting.


May you find the courage to be all of who you are in this lifetime and bring your gifts into the world.

If you would like to find out more about Coaching and Tune-In Sessions, Teen Girls: Wisdom Within course or Women’s Soul Circles, please get in touch today.